3 Ways I’m Learning to Love my Body

Ladies let’s get real with each other real quick…

Right now, there is probably at least 1 thing that you wish you could change about your body. Maybe you feel like your tummy is too big, your stretch marks are out of control, or you’re just a little too hairy. Am I right?

Same girl, same!

I have been very uncomfortable in my skin for more years than I care to admit. There were times where I couldn’t find a single thing about my body that I liked. I felt hideous and disgusting in my skin and it really did a number on my self-confidence, self-worth and mental health.

But then I had a moment of clarity in late September 2017: My appearance does not equal my worth.

Yes, I was still overweight and extremely self-conscious. But that was a turning point for me. It set me off on this journey that I am on now.

A journey of learning how to love my body.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

Social Media:

Being a millennial and all, Social Media is a big part of my life. I spend on average around 2 to 3 hours on Social Media every day. Most of that time goes to Instagram.

I used to fill up my Instagram feed with models and fitness gurus that are living their best lives. And while I’m really happy for them, their posts always made me feel like I’m not good enough. I don’t travel the world and pose in teeny tiny bikinis before hitting the gym and ending my day with Starbucks. So clearly, I’m wasting my life. Right?

I slowly started weeding out the accounts that made me feel like shit, and I started following people that I can relate to. I followed women who inspired me to embrace my imperfections and be a fierce female.

Slowly my “Instagram Experience” changed from leaving me feeling more insecure to me feeling empowered and fierce as fuck.

Ladies… surrounding yourself with relatable, strong, and empowering women is the best feeling ever. This really was the first step for me towards learning to love my body.

Now when I spend my daily 2-3 hours on Social Media, I constantly see women loving their imperfect bodies and it makes it easier for me to love my imperfect body too.

Here are some of my favourite Instagrammers:

Mirror Time:

This is probably the step in my journey that started out as the toughest. I used to hate catching a glimpse of myself in mirrors. Even worse, the mirrors in dressing rooms seemed to hate me as much as I hated them.

If I could dodge a mirror, I would. Seeing my body made me cringe and feel uncomfortable.

But how can you learn to accept and love your body if you can’t even look at it? You can’t!

I started forcing myself to look at myself in mirrors. REALLY look at all of me.  I make sure to take in everything and then tell myself: “Damn girl! You look really good.” Sure, at first, I would just scoff and walk away. But eventually, I really did begin to believe it.

I still have my insecurities and there are still some days that I feel that I look terrible. But when that happens, I’ll find a mirror and take the time to reassure myself that I’m a fierce, beautiful woman.

Fun Fact: The amount of time that I now spend naked in front of the mirror just staring at my lumps, bumps, and rolls is insane. It’s such a massive part of my self-love routine.


Whoever said that overweight people shouldn’t wear skin-tight, patterned or horizontal lined clothes should kindly go fuck themselves.

It’s so common to see plus size babes trying to hide their bellies or bums under oversized and unflattering clothes. Like babe… stop! Wear that bodycon dress! Rock that striped blazer! And for God’s sake, stop being scared of wearing bright colors.

I myself need to stop and remind myself of this sometimes. But I’m learning that I still look damn good in a bodycon dress. It’s hard but SO worth it. You’ll feel amazing when you’re wearing that bomb outfit instead of a loose tee and jeans.

The next fashion step for me: Rocking a crop top and embracing the exposed skin.


Preaching, Henny!

So now your Social Media is overflowing with strong women. When you see yourself in the mirror you think: “Yasss queen!!” And your outfit is bomb AF! You’re walking the walk, but now you have to start talking the talk.

I would always shy away from the “weight” topic when I’m talking to my fit girlfriends. Or when a friend says something nasty about someone else, I would just awkwardly laugh and agree.


The fact is, most women have insecurities. We’re all feeling judged all the time. Instead of breaking people down, let’s start building each other up. Encourage and empower other women to also love and accept their bodies.

When your friend is being negative about herself. Stop her. Tell her that she’s beautiful. Because she is. When you look at pictures of models or actresses, remind yourself that you’re not them, and they don’t set the beauty standard. Start setting your own beauty standard!

I am not claiming that I’ve made it and that I love my body all day, every day. This is my journey. And I’m hoping that by sharing this with you it’ll encourage you to start your own journey of self-love and body acceptance.

Love, Lona

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