Myths about being Overweight

Attention! Attention!

This is a Public Service Announcement!

It has been decided that fat-shaming is the most ridiculous thing ever and has to stop ASAP. All persons found fat-shaming will be subjected to having their toes nibbled on by hunger bunnies.

If you scoffed while reading that PSA, you’re not alone. We all know fat-shaming is very much still a thing and will keep being a thing for a long time still. The plus size community has definitely been making an impact on the world, but being “Plus Size” still has SO many negative connotations.

An overweight person is lazy.

Being overweight means you’re unhealthy.

Being overweight and beautiful are mutually exclusive.

Finding love is impossible for an overweight person.

It’s time to bust these ridiculous myths! Let’s get into it yall!!

An overweight person is a lazy person:

We can all agree that it’s a popular stereotype that being overweight = being lazy. All overweight people do is eat, sleep, and generally just do as little physical activities as possible.

This is absolutely not true, especially when you look at women like:

I once told a group of people that I climbed Table Mountain, to which someone replied: “That was probably before you gained all that weight.” Nah bitch! I did it when I was at my heaviest, and I still enjoy hiking now.

We might be overweight, be damn sure aren’t lazy!

Being overweight means you’re unhealthy:

Oi vey! This one really grinds my gears! There is this misconception that you cannot possibly be healthy if your “that fat”. People love to assume that overweight people have really bad eating habits and haven’t touched a vegetable in years.

The number of times I’ve heard the phrases “Do you really think you can afford to eat that?” “Haven’t you eaten enough?” and “I really don’t think you should be eating that.” is too many to count. It’s like… you’re fat so how dare you enjoy that chocolate!

On the other hand, I’ve NEVER heard anyone tell a skinny person that the water and half a salad per day they’re living on is bad for them. Why is society so obsessed with the health of only the overweight? Why is it SO bad to be overweight, but turning a blind eye to being underweight is A-okay?

Being overweight and beautiful are mutually exclusive:

Being told that you’d be so beautiful if only you’d lose some weight is NOT a compliment, and it is NOT okay.

I’ll share a little secret with you ladies: It is 100% possible to be overweight AND beautiful. Just look at these beauties:

So if anyone ever says you can’t be fat and beautiful just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Show them these women

Step 2: Do an Ari and say “Thank you, next” because we do not need that negativity in our lives.

Finding love is impossible as an overweight person:

No 👏 It’s 👏Not!!!

Don’t believe me?

Well, you should! I have first-hand experience in this one! I’m overweight and in a happy relationship with my partner. And let me tell you, ladies… He’s definitely not complaining about me being “too fat” 😛

Finding love as a bigger lady is not easy, but it’s not impossible. And when you find that guy who loves you for more than just your body, then girl… You’ll forget all about those jerks who couldn’t look past your belly rolls.

Can we all agree that these myths are complete bullshit and stop spreading this unhealthy mindset? K.Thanks.Bye! 😀

Love, Lona

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  1. Cherish says:

    Needed to see this post this morning. Ah…bopo reset, and happy once again. Stay gorgeous lovely ladies!

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