Hi, I’m Ilona!

A 26-year old Jozi girl, exploring all the wonders that Johannesburg (and the rest of South Africa) has to offer.

I’ve always had a love for good food, interesting drinks, amazing adventures, and unique experiences. Try everything at least once, right? That is exactly what I’m Lona is all about! I’m here to share all these experiences with all you beauties!

I’m Lona is also a safe space to have some real girl talk. It is so important to me to talk about body positivity, mental health, romantic and sexual experiences, and all other topics that women might have questions or opinions about.

Girl, I got you!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and relax and let’s have a chat. We’re all friends here!


** Disclaimer: All opinions on this blog are completely my own. Any and all reviews that I post will be honest reviews, and will by no means be influenced by anyone else. I will always state if/when I use affiliate links or when any of my posts are sponsored. **